As an irritating commercial for buying gold says, “To say that the Markets are a little volatile right now is like calling a war a spit wad fight.” Many questions are up in the air for all businesses, Large and Small. Those who are bringing in millions (or at least were bringing in that kind of money) to those who’s sales aren’t going to top $250K are all waiting to see what is done with capital gains tax, the corporate taxes that are levied, the personnel taxes for their 1-5 employees or are they going to have to downsize from their 150-500 employees to be a bit more streamline to take the hit higher tax brackets will do to the bottom line.

I have heard some business owners and corporate officers are going into meetings that are planning for the worst case scenario for their businesses. I have also seen others who are going full bore seeing the opportunity to build when others may be scaling back.


In the new United Socialist States of America it’s hard to tell what else is going to be thrown into the fire. One week ago, the leading 20 countries of the world were talking about changing some long followed accounting practices. Interest rates, and the credit some businesses survive on may just remain in the “Hard to Get” category because of the Federal Government renegging on the wholesale bank bailout once promised to all.

Although with all this flux in the marketplace, a company cannot afford, even in the slightest to let up on their Marketing Efforts. One of the worst things a company can do (and a sign of a soon-to-be bankrupt company) is when they make cuts in their Marketing budgets and personnel. One can never stop promoting their business, the water of life to the business’ roots, once gone, the foundations of the company become shaky and prone to snapping with the slightest of movements in the market.

Keep your business viable, by keeping your Marketing on going, on budget and on goal. That is how best you will survive in such a chaotic business environment we now find ourselves in.