Hey take a look at this story posted by a very intelligent columnist… Ah, sorry Chicken Little aka Al Gore, I wasn’t talking about you at all… we had to go all the way over to England to Christopher Booker to gather the real scoop on the poop that the Global Warming Alarmists are scaring everybody with. It seems that all the science and statistics that were the backbone of the argument that the earth warms and cools by the hand of humankind is complete bunk! A shingle of shinola trumped up to be the clarion call that solidified the Progressives under the guise of doing good for the world. (Since absolutely NOTHING else they espouse can do that).

Remember solar flares, from our ongoing gazillion times gazillion next door nuclear storm is what determines the warmth of our 3rd Rock from the Sun. This is a time one must think on the Macro level… the Sun being the catalyst in the Cooling or Warming.

What this means for business is that we can go on relatively sure that we are going to go doing business without an environmental warming tax to have to pay. Sure it may take a while for these Johnny-come-lately politicians to get the message, but they will be jarred to their senses when the truth gets pounded down their throat. Keep an eye on Henry Waxman, (Doesn’t that Congressman Waxman look like a hedgehog?) Anyhoo…

As they have found all their other tenets of Progressive Socialism to be, as Hegel has stated as social and political Darwinism, as shallow as a puddle after a summer storm and of no substance. So out on its rear goes Al Gore’s Global Warming, surprise, surprise! It’s been a good run, but from what I can gather from all it’s proponents, they were having a hard time believing it too. It’s just too bad that they suckered so many into this sad excuse of a cause. Maybe they can go back to the whales… I heard the belugas are having a hard time of it. So sorry Polar Bears.