The argument of the Leftist is to bring everyone into peace and harmony with their “Mother Earth” i.e. the Governing Power and with their surrounding comrades. Here’s an article from Marian Tupy found at the CATO Institute and an excerpt from it…

“Some 100 million people have died in the pursuit of a communist utopia. Eliminating profit and private property was meant to end social ills, such as inequality, racism, and sexism. But the closer a society got to Marxism—whether it was half-hearted attempt as in Hungary or a whole-hearted attempt as in Cambodia—the bloodier the result. Survival in a communist society necessitated lies, theft, and betrayal. Thus, as the former Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote, most people in the former Soviet bloc grew up without a moral compass. These morally compromised survivors of communism find it difficult to reflect on the past and to come to terms with it.”

Our dear comrade Obama is bringing his brand of communism onto the American soil that has loved Freedom and Liberties for so long… how long will we bear this?