They all have it wrong… All those worthless writings of Malthus, Skinner, their ilk and to a certain extent that of Hegel, Engels and Marx. What they seek to create, through their machinations of reasonings and logically built philosophies have it all wrong.

For most of us we unfortunately don’t understand most of what they are writing about. We are so busy living life, making sure our kids get to school on time, and the bills are paid on time, and that we are on time for everything else… we don’t have the time to sit down and muddle through the murmurings of some long dead, out of touch, egotistical boobs about how society should be.

Fortunately for us, (unlike those mentioned) reality is still our common ground on which we walk upon and see the world as it is. But if we had a moment or two, between the writing of the business proposal and helping your youngest with her timetables, our idea of Utopia would be drastically different from those wack jobs who thought by adding such drivel to the public consciousness they were actually doing us a favor.

Perhaps our Utopia is that of helping our little ones with their chores? Our idea of paradise, that others should subscribe to is how good it is to teach your 4 year old how to tie their shoes. Or how good it is to your soul to have that out-of-the-blue hug and “I love you” kiss full of left over peanut butter and jelly.

But the more serious question is asked how do we attain the Utopia we search for? First and foremost we must realize that one’s idea of Utopia could just as well be another’s purgatory. Having this in mind, The short answer to the question posed is, … Who are you asking and what time of life are you asking it in? The Constitution of the United States as it now sits in 2008 (and has been since it’s ratification in the 1700’s) has allowed each citizen the agency to determine what their Utopia is. Providing that our utopia doesn’t infringe on another’s, we are free to pursue our degree of Happiness.

Can utopia be equated to everyone having the same things? Can utopia be personified in a homogeneous society? Can it all be wrapped up in any Socialistic ideal of everyone in the same socio-economic circumstance? Not in the least. All those silly philosophers of ages past have completely missed the boat in what it will take to be able to create Utopia for all. The principles that they chose to build upon were inspired from that which is not adequate to create such a state. “They chose incorrectly” – Old Crusader, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Peace within one’s soul, and Brotherly Kindness without one’s self is Utopia that can be had anywhere, by anyone, for everything. Set on the solid foundation of the proper teachings of Christ set forth in Scripture, not in a philosopher’s book. Bolstered by the Spirit within all of us that permeates the hardest of hearts and stiffest of necks. Such has been proven over eons of time, and by many on higher plains of existence, and which a wonderful opportunity has been handed down to us to attain for ourselves.

Squaring your will, your inclinations, your actions, your desires to that of God’s is how you gain that Peace Within. The unevitable by-product of that Peace, is the Brotherly Kindness and Charity that Jesus asked us to be doing to be worthy of that Utopia He is offering. That’s the Utopia that will last, that is the Utopia that will not corrupt, and that is the Utopia I seek after.