Actively Seeking the Demise of our God-inspired Constitution

Out of Reuters yesterday (the article of Kerry usurping the power of the Executive click here) the illustrious John ‘I Have Three Purple-Hearts’ Kerry is leading the shortcutting of our Constitution and granting his approval of signing accords that go against the will of this People.

This time using the crack of the Progressive movement, their chosen godless religion of Global Warming (haven’t they noticed yet that we, across the globe have been experiencing record cold fronts rather than heat waves? Dumb Bu_ _ ies!) Here’s the horse head of a Senator, and I unfortunately quote, “He told Reuters support in the United States for climate action was strong enough to let Obama sign up for emissions cuts under a U.N. pact to be agreed in Copenhagen in late 2009 even if the Senate had not by then agreed matching U.S. climate laws.

“We can have commenced the (domestic) legislative process, we don’t have to have completed it,” before agreeing to cuts under a U.N. treaty, he said.”

Get a load of this monkey brains of a man! We don’t have to have the laws in America to be beholden to this corruptable UN Pact! Isn’t there something in the US Constitution about this? Bet your bottom dollar (which may not be far off) that there is! Does anyone in our federal government ever read the foundational document that has made us the greatest nation today? When are they going to start listening to the American People!?

He doesn’t understand that ‘Going Green’ the way that was mandated by the UN at Kyoto which Bush thankfully rejected will cause the cost of goods to sky rocket out of anyone’s ability to pay for it? A classic case of using an atomic bomb to spray for bugs on a farmer’s field. Here’s another sad quote, “Kerry said the Senate would work early in 2009 on a renewable energy bill and on measures to stimulate the economy — including creating green jobs — before turning to climate legislation.

Obama plans to set up a trading system to help cut carbon dioxide emissions. Asked if the United States would eventually get a cap and trade system, Kerry said: “Personally I’d like to see it but you don’t have to have it.”

What Renewable Energy?? All that is in existence currently is too cost-prohibative to implement across the board right now! Is he going to pull this energy out of his and other Senators’ arses? Because what we have now is about as close to reality as is that. Creating Green Jobs… when this Global Warming falls out of fashion, as all fads do out of the imperical data that shows it just isn’t so, or they tire of it completely, where does it leave those people and businesses who are Green? Up a sheepcreek that’s where.

Here is my vow, if Obama gets past the Imbeciles of Congress his mentioned Trading System, I will work my darnedest to be the brownest with the largest carbon footprint possible… I will paint my house brown, all my cars will be brown… I will never get any tune ups (as if I do now!) I will buy an extra car and take off the tires and park it in the back yard and just let it run on and on for hours and days on end. I will install 4 coal burning stoves in the house… 3 for the inside and one outside just for kicks. I’ll keep them raging 16 hours a day even in the summer! If they aren’t going to use it, I sure as Hades will, more for me thank you!

When will the insanity stop? These crackpots on Capital Hill will be the death of this nation…

May God Help Us All