In recent weeks I have been noticing more of an onslaught of articles that are seemingly calling into question long-hold standards and mores of society. I suppose this sort of thing has been happening in all ages of time. It was the questions of more that lead Western Europe from the paralyzing Dark Ages to the enlightening of the Renaissance. If it weren;t so, the world would still be flat and the bloodletting still the normal checkup.

This spirit of questioning sprung into reality this nation and most of the earth’s greatest discoveries and inventions. All asking the question, “What If?” and “Why Not?” Lately these lines of inquiry have been showing up in publications such as Newsweek in headlines, “Is Morality Natural? >>Link<< Another “Is God All In Your Head?” Now upon opening up of these articles one finds out what these scientific minds and studies have surmised one may think that such questions are a call upon the sanctity of what is held dear.

Adding this to the barrage from the media and Hollywood of the wholesale acceptance of the decadent, vain and vile. The inclination to think it an attack on Morality. (The conclusion of that particular article was in the afformative to the question)

Morality indeed is natural, it is innate and God-given at birth. It is not imbiguous, it isn’t relative to circumstance it is not a question of indoctrination of nurture although the nature is reinforced with the proper nurture.

Morality and the absence of such degredates civilizations and life to convenience and use (means to and end). Morality encapsulates the sacred nature of life begat by God; given to the world in their time and season. Morality promotes and sustains societal order and respect. Enveloped in the arms of the Natural Order of God for mankind.

Rest assumed that Morality is indeed natural. Be sure that it is Given of God to guide and inspire us as we go through mortality. Morality an essential building block used by our Forefathers, can be used for us with God’s Morality being the same yesterday, today and forever.