AJC Quotes of Note

Here are just some of the myriads of note worthy quotes that are out there for us to learn from and to inspire us. We hope you enjoy delving into the minds that make up this great Nation, and mankind across the globe.

Within lays the words that stirred man into action to create and maintain the American Experiment. Within each link you will find that those who are best equipped to sustain Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are the students and scholars of such, and not those who espouse otherwise contrasting dogmas and precepts.

Truth is truth no matter where you find it and getting to the truth in your life is what is essential to growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The gems of truth are found below.

Our day and age the family is being barraged by the immorality and anything that distracts from family unity. You can always be better in the little things with those who matter most in your life.

  • Spencer Kimball
  • David O. McKay
  • B.H. Roberts
We all need to take a moment every so often and have a chuckle about what life’s all about. You can gain the guffaw with the quotes below.

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