Where has our sanity gone (or should I say Our Sovereignty)??? A report in the Washington Post, carried by MSNBC on the 15th of November (Click Here for the article) stated that an emergency meeting was held to look into what to do about this financial crisis.


The American Socialists Party… er better known as the DEMOCRATS… have really done it this time! George Soros must be so happy! They have screwed the financial system that was running the world’s economy, The US Money System, so badly that we have the most fiscally-irresponsible President since FDR talking that if we do not do what the others say we risk a greater depression that what hit us in the 1930’s. If we have to get in bed and sleep with these Marxists then bring on this gargantuan fiscal meltdown… remember better dead then red?

It is saying that the G7 plus the bully Russia no longer have a claim on the guidance of the world’s economy. What changed from 2006 to now? Which country produces and provides over 80% of the world’s wealth? How many countries does it take to match the US’s Gross Domestic Production? Who do they think they are?

The first thing we need to do as American Citizens is demand accountability on the homefront. Anyone who was affiliated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, anyone who received those gross profit bonuses from those uber-corrupt psuedo government organizations, anyone who was paid off by them in campaign contributions need to be arrested and put on trial for the crimes they have perpetrated against the American public. What if anything is different from what Enron and Lay/Skilling did? This just has been done on a more grander scale – instead of millions, it was billions of dollars!

Secondly the America I know needs to go tell Sarkozy that socialist french prick and the rest of these wanna be world leaders to shove it up their wazoo <reference gluteous maximus in the dictonary>. Has anyone learned nothing over the last 100 years? Have we not seen what socializing monetary systems have brought to the nations that have tried it? To give the likes of Singapore and Hong Kong equal say… how big are these places, are they even classified as countries?

They are increasing this “G7 plus the bully Russia” with the G20. The likes of South Fricking Africa, Saudi “I’ll Blow You Up” Arabia, Indonesia, India, China and Brazil are among those to determine what happens monetarily in the US? Some of these nations are still classified as hostile to America (Indonesia, and China) and who knows with Russia and Saudi Arabia. We are going to align our economy with the likes of the Wahabi-ists who have sworn our temporal destruction and eternal damnation?? This proves that Bush is as dumb as rocks if he thinks getting more closely connected to those who wish our demise will HELP our economy. Bush will have shanty towns named after him just like Hoover did. No longer Hoovervilles they will be known as Bushtowns.

To top it all off who is getting oversight of this new allocation of the financial market? The International Monetary Fund… No longer will the Federal Reserve determine what interest rate is and what… whoever foreign national can now determine what interest rate I pay on my mortgage, or car loan. Does anyone else see something wrong with that?? And who has oversight of this IMF… the United Nations? (The most corruptable disgrace to have ever existed – Oil for Food Program anyone?) Who can change the policies if they are persecuting one nation over another? CAN WE VOTE THEM OUT OF POWER? Do we have equal representation and recourse for wrongs done? Isn’t this a direct attack on the Consitiution that guarantees us representation of our officials?

Listen to this… this is what they are proposing to be done:

“The leaders agreed to set up a new regulatory body, “a college of supervisors,” to examine the books of major financial institutions that operate across national borders, so REGULATORS could begin to have a more complete picture of banks’ operations. They demanded greater scrutiny of hedge funds and the completion of a clearinghouse system to help standardize and limit risk on some of the opaque and exotic financial derivatives that helped bring down Wall Street’s investment banks.

Leaders also agreed to submit their countries’ financial systems to regular, vigorous reviews by the International Monetary Fund — assessments that some countries, including the United States, had long resisted. And they urged new constraints on the pay schemes at financial firms that “reward excessive short-term returns or risk-taking.”

Bush, Paulsen, and their feeble-mindedness have taken us farther away from the country once envisioned by Franklin, Adams, Washington, Hamilton, Madison, Jay and the rest. We will soon know how deep the sheep dip will be come March 31, 2009.

We are inching closer to that One World Order that Bush 41 talked about… one step closer to shredding that Divine Document, the US Constitution (which by the way has been the bane of most of the countries now determining my FREAKING CREDIT SCORE) … one more sign of the times of that Anti-Christ spoken of by the Prophets.

May God have mercy on our souls.