How Unrealistic Can the Expectations Be?

The Sense of Entitlement that seems to permeate all facets of society today, has been a long time coming. Having had a generation raised with the erroneous philosophies of childhood development from the likes of Dr. Spock, this Gen X group went on to engender such an atmosphere for their chldren as to give everyone a trophy, there are no losers at all… that there was never someone who came in last place, and if there was something perceived as better, gosh darn it, their kids deserved it, no matter the cost!

Couple this with the bleeding heart mentality of the Hippies of the ’60’s and ’70’s coming into the money and the height of age to wield power in our elected public forums and you have a perfect storm of two generations who expect a whole lot of somethings for little or no effort at all.


No longer was there any need to toil too hard, there was a government program to assist or get them what they wanted. With everyone reaching for their piece of the pie they sought often the badly advised shortcuts that short-circuits and cheapens the reach for the goal. And on a large scale, the elected representatives built this up with continual growing earmarks and pork belly programs that fed the fetish of entitlement.

But never has there been a way, to have or create something of true worth, of true substance without the equal effort behind it. The value cannot be realized, and have the full affect on the lives who receive it unless there was some great push, work-force, and perhaps sacrifice in it’s accomplishment. If it’s otherwise, the attainment is just a shallow farce, and empty shell, unsatiating to the soul, to be discarded as easily as it was received.

When it comes to creating true lives of worth, of going into the inner core of who you are, bringing that essence to the forefront and harnessing that deep seeded light within to be a benefit of those around us, and as a whole, the greater mankind, the equal amount of force of effort needs to match the reached for value of the virtue and actions to achieve such.

Lives of great men and women of light, peace, of good report; who have risen above their circumstance to be greater than the sum of their “parts” remind us of the toil of physical, perhaps mental, and more than likely the emotional collateral that was needed to make the life great, full of light, and peace.

Name the person, Churchill, Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Bombay, etc. and you will find that their heights of achievement, is only equalled with their efforts. Then in your Pursuit of True Happiness, the paths you need to take and the effort you must exert needs to be on the level as the virtue, or talent, or skill you wish to acquire.

Capture who you truly are, enhance our understanding and live lives of true worth. Where the faulty tennet of “Something for Nothing” has no bearance at all on your environment. Be who you truly are, and not what you perceive others want you to be.