APTOPIX Haiti Food CrisisHow precious is life to you? What is the worth of breathing and thinking … feeling and loving? Last night I came across the picture seen here. It just broke my heart. Her name is Venecia and she is 4, suffering from malnutrition… mere days from death… living in Haiti which has been hit over and over again by hurricanes this past year.

Besides wanting to board the next plane to that island country to seek her and children like her out to better their lives, the spirit inside us all is drawn to those closer to our homefronts, within our four walls… and within our country’s borders.

So moving was this picture of this girl’s obvious suffering it gave me repose on the value I place on life. And the worth that the world places upon that precious gift given to all who would have it.

The human condition is such that we usually become better human beings once a little one like Venecia becomes ours to take care of. Not because of being better, more kindly, more caring, more loving is for our own sakes, but for that precious gift of life so dependent upon our actions, and what we bring into their innocent lives.

I woke up early this morning and went into my kids rooms and watched them slumber. The love, the yearning for them to have the best opportunities in life, the desire to teach them all the good you see and none of the bad that is within you and the evil that is in the world…

The potential within each child is immeasurable… most having beat the odds of being born with all they need physically for life… dealing with the genes of their ancestors, their circumstances, their communities, attitudes, traditions, and customs; with all that is out there to stunt them, condemn them, or wipe them off the face of this earth.

One thinks of anyone who is involved in elective abortions, From the aborting mother, the doctor performing the hideous deed, the nurses that assist, the receptionists that fillout the paperwork… all the way down to those who advocate for it, the Feministas, the Politicians, the Progressive Socialists… how can they ignore the gift they have been given by denying it to others? The privilege of their mothers not aborting them, of which they vehemently deny to others and do abhorrently to the most innocent in this whole situation…

Take today, take the time today and live life as it should be. Give those you are close to, your wife, kids, parents… siblings, cousins, roommates… whoever they are who you have chosen to share your life with, and who have chosen to share their lives with you; give them a reason to stick around. Create the fond memories they will recall in their lonely times, in their times of tribulation, in the hard times that are surely to come.

Allow them to have those cherished moments they can draw upon when they continue on with the precious gift from God. Give them a hug, and a sloberry smooch on the cheek; the time so precious to you which shows them how loved they are, demonstrating to them that there is no other place you’d rather be. Champion them, encourage them, provide them their needs and the lessons needed to be wise in life.

Pray to our God above that your kids remain safe and healthy… or getting the help they need to be healthy. And don’t forget the little ones like Venecia across the globe in those prayers either.

May God Help Us All