Religious Bigotry At Its Core

A story reported today (August 16th, 2008) in the New York Times (Click Here for the link) by Michael Luo about the proospects that McCain, the Republican nominee has for Vice President. The Headline reads “Conservatives Move Against Romney”.

It should more accurately read “Religious Bigots Move Against Romney”. How in a Nation that was founded on religious tolerance be so openly persecutorial of another religion?

It is the history of the Catholics being persecuted, then the Jews, along with the Mormons all throughout the history of the US. In more recent times, the religious bigotry had been tempered when a Catholic got into the White House (Kennedy). Then there were all these years about equality, the mettle of a man etc. etc. etc.

All that was a bunch of hooie now that the answer to this country’s problems believes that God still speaks to man today. Within the article it reads, “Yet as Mr. Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, is said to have emerged as a top conender to be Senator John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, a vocal segment of conservative leaders and grass-roots activits have mobilized against him, with some going out of their way to block his path to the Republican ticket.” Why? Is he unqualified? NO. Is he lacking in experience? NO! Is it because they have religious intolerance for a Mormon? OOOHHHHH Yeaaahhhh.

It continues, “Several evangelical and conservative leaders said they believed that Romney detractors were a relatively small faction, contending that he remained acceptable to most. But others said that the hostility toward Mr. Romney in their ranks was much more widespread. They suggested evangelicals might be more open to potential candidates like Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, although he remains an unknown quantity to many, or, better yet Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.”

Who are these other jokers? Have they been vetted like Romney? Can you be sure that they will not be a drag on the ticket? No and No. They are willing to put up two individuals who have nothing to offer an already lackluster option in McCain. all because the others are not Mormon.

Let’s say that instead of Romney being Mormon, he was Muslim, or Jewish… would this argument be tolerated in the mainstream media?? If he were Sikh, or Bahai would you think that this would even be a story?? If he was an evangelical would he even be a conversation to be had?? It’s all because he’s Mormon that he has any opposition. It is because of his religion that he lives to the upmost that they have a problem with. It is because he is a true believer of Christ that they feel uncomfortable with him. Would this be said if he were Jewish? People would not even dare to but their thoughts into words (example the choosing of Leibermann for Gore’s VP was anything negative said of him being Jewish?)

There is actually an organized group against Romney, “Last week in Ohio, however, about a dozen grass-roots conservatives (aka religious bigots), many of them former Huckabe backers, (a proven religious bigot) gathered in Cincinnati to discuss their alarm about the talk of a McCain-Romney ticket and to draw up PLANS for a new group, Social Conservatives Against Mitt Romney.

‘We’re talking about getting the word out to people about the fact that we don’t want Mitt Romney as the candidate,’ said Diane Stover, the leader of the social conservative group in the Cleveland area, who dialed into the meeting. ‘There seems to be a groundswell of voices for Mitt Romney out there, but I want to make sure the grass-roots (Bigots) voices are heard.”

They are plotting against a man, who can help this country stay the country it is, because of his religion!!! does he dance around the forest with flowers in his hair praising the Tree God? Does he go around sacrificing animals on altars? Has he ever forced 7 year olds to marry their uncles and half-brothers? No, he’s a simple follower of what it says in the scriptures. Could that be said of the hate filled evangelical groups?

Are there anyone else out there disturbed by this as I am? Am I the only one that thought we had moved past this short-sighted, canker-causing diatribe years ago? Apparently not, and it’s a sad commentary on the society that tolerates such hate speech. The same line of thinking, the same words of contempt, the same motives of actions have been spoken by the neo-nazis and racial-hate groups… is it not related?

Let us stand up for goodness everywhere; Mormon, Evangelical, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Sikh, Hindi, Buddhist… you get the point! Measure the fruits of their labors, what inherent good they have inside, no matter their affiliation, even to political parties.

When the founders of this country get together, were they concerned who’s religion was what? No, all that mattered then, and all that matters now, is the ideals of Liberty, Life and the pursuit of Happiness of the great and the small. Where else could there even be hope for it all?