Changes in the Financial Sector

Everyone has at least heard of the financial difficulties that have had a rippling effect across the economies of each nation. As Rush Limbaugh has stated, the cause of which is a direct consequence of government meddling in the affairs of a free market system. The attempt to impose unnatural requirements onto the in-motion forces that keep balance, and usually mitigate the extreme highs, and the consequent lows that surely come.

The hands of our politicians have been caught in the proverbial cookie jar. They created the mess of this economic downturn by paying and receiving political favors (money to re-election campaigns=blood money perhaps?) These miscreants known as Senators and Congressmen are now trying to thwart the burden that should be lain on their shoulders and come out of this Socialist Dungheap smelling like roses and looking like saviors with more of this pungent feces called “Oversight”.

It is important to know the actors in this the actions that perpetrated this travesty and the purpose behind these secret machinations to gain power over that they should not. This is a battle of ideologies of the Democratic Republic and Socialist Totalitarianism and shall be recognized as such. And it is nothing new.

The start of the latest onslaught to our way of life, government and on our Constitution can be traced back as far as Woodrow Wilson and the influx of the Academic Philosophy of a “Living Document” as our standard. His introduction of the faile League of Nations desired the US to be the example of Socialist ideals. The Bolsheviks of Russia beat him to it. Communists vs. Socialists is one states the wealth of a nation be held by the many verses the other where it is all concentrated to an Elite Few. But it is all done by compulsion, in the name of fiarness and equity of opportunity. Nothing about Socialism is fair.

Wilsonites (now known as Progressives) took advantage of unsound market practices to get in President with a sympathetic ear in the White House (FDR consulted many of the leading socialist academics in his government policies) and the deployment of their precepts ( The New Deal) with all of it’s entitlements thought to be most abhorrent previous to the economic hardship. The Great Depression in the US lasted 10+ years when in Europe it only lasted 3-4 years. The difference: governmental policies that demanded oversight by the powe hungry (many of which were Progressives).

This movement gathered momentum under the guise of the Anti-War Movement. Engulfed by Skinner-esque philosophies of a political Utopia forcing a societal “paradise” as dictated by their sense of fairness and lust for control of power. These efforts where successful in infiltrating the ranks of the Democratic Party. They have served up in the last 30+ years Presidential hopefuls that reek of the Progressive’s propoganda. McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and now Obama. All espoused leftists who have “drunk the fascist kool-aid” of Big Government, Big Taxes and Big Entitlements. One after the other worse than the one before him, with it culminating in Chairman Obama, the touted messiah.

This latest generation of Progressives now supported by billionaires with their own agendas (i.e. George Soros) have made a power grab from the muck they caused and effectively have put our Democrat Socialist buddies in the Legislature in direct oversight of our Market System, which is no longer free.

Mark October 3, 2008 as the date when New York lost its Financial Capital prowress; that the US lost its economic dominance over world markets; the beginning of the end of a truly free market system. Now that the politicians have sunken their teeth into it, they will never let it go (Case in point Social Security folks?)

Is anyone else as unnerved as I that the same Progressives who espoused surrender tactics for War are now in charge of America’s Money Making Systems?.

When the founders of this country get together, were they concerned who’s religion was what? No, all that mattered then, and all that matters now, is the ideals of Liberty, Life and the pursuit of Happiness of the great and the small. Where else could there even be hope for it all?