What Can We Do?

I’ve been thinking a lot about corruption lately. How easy it is now that there are little or no social mores being taught in our schools; that a spade cannot be called what it is because of Political Correctness.; That plain speaking, IF practiced, is more readily caught up in libel and slander lawsuits.

Thinking of it, over the course of America’s history we have always had corruption. Mostly in the pursuit of money, domination of making money, or possessions of one sort of another. The land barons, the ranchers verses homesteaders, the titans of industry, and the list could be endless have all asserted undue influence to corner the advantage over others.

Not to mention organized crime that has plagued the 20th century… those that have manipulated the Markets, who have taken people with money to the cleaners. Even most recently, in the little town in which I reside, a Land Baron has bought and paid for all those in our little municipality, and threatened through lawsuit or by indictment the others who could not be boughten. They have the $31 Million against those working paycheck to paycheck. This particular corruption was the original reason why AverageJoeCitizen came to be.

The question that remains on the minds of many, what can we do about it? What can we do to make a difference? Can we make a difference? Are we just hitting our heads against the wall of decadence and haughtiness? Do we have any “Road Map” of what to do? Is it going to be worth my time?

Good questions all. These and many others I have been asked as well as I have asked myself. How can we take on this deck stacked against us? Simply, one step at a time. Let me elaborate:

As those who cling to their religion and their guns, we need to do as the Good Book says. We must take care of our homefront, starting with the ‘beam in our individual eyes’ before we can pluck the splinters out of others. We must fortify ourselves, with the fruits meet for blessing of Providence in our lives. Our mental and emotional, as well as our spiritual foundations need to be sure. What ever may be making us weak, or may be undermining our foundation, we need to eliminate that from our lives for the storm is at our doorstep; the day of preparation is nearly over. You must look, and follow the Greater Plan, that builds souls, not government bureaucracies.

Once we are on that sure foundation, and our spiritual, emotional and mental feet are underneath us, we must take care of our stewardships. To be a steward of something is to have oversight, guidance and lend protection of that in which we are responsible for. Our children, our wives, our most immediate circle of influence must be next on the list. There is no better day to start (if we haven’t been doing it) than today. There is no time to get better doing it than now. Again, looking for the guidance Providence alone can give and maintaining the principles found in the Good Books.

Fortify yourself and those you love with the sound and solid principles that have been tried and found true for eons. Follow the Good Example, learn and put into practice for the benefit for your soul, and those around you so when the raging inferno comes, and it surely will come, that the burden of standing up for what is right is made light by He in whom you trust.

What can we do when those around us do not see, or openly promote the corruption in my town, my state, my company, my country? Will answer that in the next entry.