Ever since the Republican Party started listening to those pundits and main stream media types in the DC Beltway, they have steadily lost ground in the National politics of our times. This was in stark evidence to how soundly they were trounced out of power two years ago that set up Chairman Pelosi and Dingy Harry to the forefront. It has been evidenced further in the coronation of the chosen one, Obama in all these accolades given by those who did the trouncing (Democrats), the propoganda (the Mainstream Media) and of those who got spanked (McCain and his ilk).

Yesterday Matt Lauer, the MSM sympathizer to the Socialist … I mean the Progressive movement [have to keep my approved terminology correct there] had what the beltway calls a Moderate Republican or better described as Democrat Lite, and a hard core Leftist Editor of the publication The Nation.

The question that is being asked is can the GOP come back? Right out of the Leftist’s mouth was, “This is a party in its death throes.” She goes on to identify and define as the left sees the things that the ‘modern Republican Party’ needs to do… all the gobbly-gook about appealing to a broader more moderate base… or those that used to be Democrats before the leftist socialists took power. That if the GOP chooses to go down the road as Reagan blazed before, and as those like Limbaugh and Cheney are recommending that it would spell their efficacy in the national elections.

Now when did we who are for fiscal conservency, and limited government enlist to be defined and have our platform laid out by the opposition, who has avowed the total innhiliation of the conservative movement.! She mentioned that less and less people are identifying themselves as Republicans in the polls that are being taken. Her reasoning is because the National Party went too conservative. She couldn’t be more deathly wrong!!

Those who are leaving the party is because the party left us! They no longer represent, or when they took the DEMOCRATS’ advice and skued left to appeal to a ‘broader base’ they actually left in the lurch those millions who had to choose between McCain and Obama. A choice I liken to death by a 22 caliber or a bazooka. Both will take you to the same place but perhaps we would have survived McCain… uh the .22.

The reason their numbers are dwindling is all those who have common sense and live in reality (translation not on either coast) have seen the writing on the wall and no longer feel comfortable… as myself most feel they are an Independent Libertarepublicrat, try to say that fast five time!

Let’s hope the national GOP will tell those who want to define them out of existence to shut their pie-hole and listen to those who got them there in the first place.